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Our Expertise

IT Portfolio Management

We provide proven frameworks that promote the rational allocation of enterprise resources to achieve enterprise goals and objectives. We use industry standard investment management techniques combined with a next generation perspective on Information Technology to help organizations make the transitions necessary to thrive in the future.

Enterprise Architecture

Our primary architectural focus is to connect objective performance measures to models of enterprise value chains. Our approach to Enterprise Architecture is open. We are able to use a variety of frameworks to model your enterprise. We find more value in making the enteprise connections than in the specific model that is used to do it. We can work with you to help you decide which framework fits your enteprise and then deliver a clear articulation of your enterprise to guide your transformation efforts.

Solution Engineering

Our solutions engineers craft solutions to flexibly meet your operational needs. We use a multitude of development techniques including traditional development, agile development and extreme programming to rapidly deliver real solutions to difficult problems.

Knowledge Application Solutions

Our name communicates our mission. We believe that solutions are a function of knowledge. We produce agent based solutions that turn organizational knowledge assets into automated solutions. Our solutions assist people in dealing with an increasingly complex environment. A computer assisted environment is becoming the norm in our world. Those with better assistants will have an advantage. Our intent-based solution model respects the meaning behind your requests to give you the outcome you want.

Business Partners and Clients

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Our Leadership

Dennis Nadler Dennis Nadler - Managing Partner

Thirty-two years of experience in the Public Sector and Commercial industries in key positions with an emphasis on design, implementation and management of technology and people to support information systems and communications networks for various clients. Formerly the Chief Technology Officer for a $14B per year Logistics organization with a $525M per year IT budget. Former Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President for #2 Inc 500 Company and #1 in the Washington Technology Fast 50 Companies.
M: 618.531.4007 O: 618.531.4007 dennis@kxsolutions.com

Steve Mooney Steve Mooney - Managing Partner

Thirty years of on-time/on-budget delivery of enterprise-wide solutions using proven methodologies and disciplines with an emphasis on aligning employees, processes and technologies to deliver critical results. Former Partner at a Global consulting concern. Former Vice President of Defense Transportation Systems for a Fortune 500 company. Former advisor to the CIO of one of the world's largest logistics organizations. Extensive functional experience in Defense, Distribution, Transportation, Logistics, Portfolio Management, and ERP solutions.
M: 314.409.3015 O: 314.485.9259 steve@kxsolutions.com

Our Values

Our comprehensive integrated management approach has processes for planning, controlling, and implementing the scope of a contract yet all these phases begin and end with a focus on the value to the customer. Whether following our project initiation or our project close-out procedures we focus on the success measures provided by our customer and ensure that they are the primary concern. We test against these success measures and seek customer concurrence with the results of testing at each phase of contract delivery. K(x) Solutions applies an integrated management approach that incorporates frequent customer approvals. This consistent focus on what is valuable to our customer provides repeatable, reliable and proactive management. We rapidly respond to customer requests with extensive resources.